Individual Song Consultation

Music is a powerful learning tool; music therapists compose individualized songs to work on a wide range of goal areas. E.g. (how to spell a name, social concepts) Does your child or loved one need specific help learning a task or information? During one-time consult, one of our Master’s level, Board-certified music therapists will gather relevant information and then write and record a song for you to utilize on a daily basis.

10 minute phone consult prior to songwriting

Mnemonic Consult - $99

Best for learning: address, how to spell a name, simple academic concepts, phone numbers, counting, etc.

20-30 minute video consult prior to songwriting

Procedural Consult - $149

Best for learning: Morning routines, social concepts, safety procedures, self-care/ADLs, etc.

Please contact us to discuss other options for consultation

Other Consults

"Our music therapist wrote a personalized song to help our daughter learn and recite our phone number and address. It was as easy to learn as a nursery rhyme, and it was such a powerful mnemonic that I still hear the songs in my mind when I recite those numbers myself! I highly recommend this technique for any child or adult!"