In February of this year, we officially received funds from the Developmental Pathways Grant. This grant has allowed us to acquire several different adaptive instruments which are extremely accessible for individuals of all abilities to play. We are calling this our Adaptive Music Lab. The Lab includes:


  • Adapted Musical Cymbal w/ adjustable angled switch.
  • A stationary instrument comprised of a shaker, tambourine, drum, cymbal, and triangle.
  • Foot Castantets.
  • Foot Tambourine.
  • Mallet Cuffs.
  • MIDI controller “TouchMe”.
  • Mini Carillon. A set of easy-to-play bells.
  • No Grip Guitar Picks.
  • Piano Mat.
  • Portable Digital Drum.


All these instruments are currently being used at the clinic AND are available to check-out for use at home! Our hope is to help individuals and families get set up with tools that can be used to make music out in their home, school, and community. We are currently offering consultations for $200. But the first 15 families/individuals to sign-up receive FREE consultations. Use the code, “adaptive” at check out.

To learn more, you can visit:


You can call (303) 481-8134