Happy New Year everyone! We know, we know, we’re late on that. Still, we hope that the transition into the new year has been a smooth one. We are personally excited to continue the work and services we have provided AND to engage in new ventures in the coming year. In 2022 we are looking to improve our tech systems. Rehabilitative Rhythms will continue to expand our Adaptive Music Labs to provide more accessible music-making for our community. Further, we will be working to make our website more personalized for community members looking for more resources. In 2022 we are also looking to improve our connections with our community and community partners. Rehabilitative Rhythms is working to connect with more and more organizations that provide care for individuals. We will continue to support the Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale as well as establish an adaptive band for stroke/TBI survivors. AND our board members and staff are working on organizing a concert called Healthcare Rocks. The aim will be to invite healthcare professionals to participate in a band experience all while honoring healthcare workers. Stay tuned for the exciting programs, events, and connections we aim to make this year.