Go Above & Beyond

As healthcare costs soar, the families of your residents expect your organization to provide not only a safe and supportive environment, but also to implement innovative programs that improve quality of life for their loved ones – which is no small feat when you’re struggling to engage residents with normally scheduled activities and keep them socially connected to their families.

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Music therapy offers many benefits to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; it can increase verbalizations and improve cognition, and reduce agitation, anxiety, and aggressive behaviors. Music can also provide a temporary cognitive lift where these individuals are able to look and act like themselves for a window of time.

Many facilities bring in musical entertainment, but these performers lack the trained eye necessary to understand the behaviors your residents demonstrate and engage them in a way that fosters the outcomes possible through strategic interventions.

Our Experience

As leaders in the music therapy space, we’ve performed careful research into the population we specialize in – research that tells us that small group and individual therapy is the best for delivery model for individuals with middle to late stage Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We’re the only practice in the state of Colorado to offer these options.

Facilities around the Denver Metro Area trust our music therapy services and programming:


What Families Say

e strongly encourage facilities to include the families of residents in music therapy sessions. They often see that their loved one is “still there” and feel that visits much more meaningful when they adopt musical interventions and other new ways of engaging with their loved ones.

“My son has tried therapies such as Acupuncture, horseback riding, and ABA, but music therapy fosters his creativity, self esteem, learning different topics, focus, self regulation, and more. Music is part of who he is.”

— RRMT Parent

An 80% Average Savings

Employing a Music Therapist internally could cost your facility as much as $65,000-$80,000 a year, and often these therapists are stretched so thin that they can’t deliver high-quality services (or partake in research). By contracting our team of experts, you’ll save money while improving the experience of your residents – and yes, we’ll help you look for ways to get reimbursed for our services!


Customized Programming

We’ll work with your facility to develop a music therapy program tailored to best fit the needs of your clients and residents. We’ll also provide you with reports about each participant's engagement, so that together we can continually improve the quality of care your facility is known for.