Individual Therapy

Music Therapy Personalized For You & Your Loved One

There are standardized techniques and applications of music that address challenges related to Autism, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Strokes, Developmental Disabilities, Parkinson’s Disease, and Traumatic Brain Injury – but we also recognize that our patients have different needs during the various seasons of their lives.

Our individual music therapy sessions are tailored to the needs of our patients, and we partner with our clients, their families and care teams to create innovative solutions.

Kids & Parents Love Us

If you’ve been told “Your child will never be able to…” after trialing other techniques, it may be time to consider music therapy.

Music delivers distinct neurological stimulation that leads to breakthroughs patients may not have experienced with other therapies or activities, including improvements when it comes to attention and memory, speech and communication, social and motor skills, and following directions. With our specialized approach, your child will also build confidence and self-esteem  – they’ll feel the joy, (while we handle the science) behind the progress they’re making during each session.

“Our son has learned how to be much more social with his peers, which his music social group has played a big role in. He is able to focus and communicate his thoughts and feelings much better. We couldn't be happier with RRMT and we're so incredibly grateful and happy we found RRMT!”

— RRMT Parent

Benefits At Any Age

When adults first come to us, they’re working with speech issues, physical challenges, and social difficulties that leave them feeling hesitant to engage in their typical daily activities. In some cases, they may feel cast aside after completing therapy, despite craving additional progress.

Our approach to one-on-one music therapy can help adults get words out more clearly, improve coordination, and strengthen their ability to focus after a stroke or brain injury – results that may continue beyond the conclusion of other treatments.

“When I am struggling with fine motor control or have attention difficulties due to Parkinson's disease, I can usually lessen those symptoms by practicing the skills that I have been working on in my NMT sessions. Also, I am just really enjoying being able to play the piano!”

— Parkinson's Patient


Learn to Play An Instrument

Many of our clients want to learn to play the piano or other instruments, but before meeting our team they struggle to find instructors who understand how to teach people who may need an adjusted approach. Adaptive music lessons are the answer to their needs!

By blending what we understand about your or your loved one’s diagnosis with the essentials of music instruction, we tailor instruction to the needs of atypical learners. We believe no one is ever too young or old to enjoy the cognitive benefits of adaptive music lessons!

Our Experience

Everyone at Rehabilitative Rhythms believes that individuals with neurologic and developmental differences add value to our society, and we strive to makes their lives better. That means providing high-quality music therapy services and staying actively involved in research to ensure what we’re doing truly is the best in our industry.

<span">We are the only music therapy practice in Colorado that focuses on exclusively neurologic and developmental differences – we offer a variety of models designed to bring about long-term success for our clients.

Get Started Today

Music is a strong neurologic stimulus, but choosing the right music and activity is crucial in creating meaningful therapeutic change. Get started with our practice by speaking with one of our therapists and exploring treatment options that will work for you, or with your loved one’s personal needs.