Remote Services

Making improvement doesn’t have to be out of reach just because you don’t live near one of our clinics. Here are some of the services that we can offer you if you live outside of the Denver Metro area:

Aphasia Therapy

Many people notice that stroke survivors with some types of aphasia are able to be more successful with singing. We are trained in evidence-based techniques that can help stroke survivors use what they are still able to do to help improve skills that have been impacted by the stroke.


Many of our social groups and community groups have options for remote participation. Please reach out to us to find out more! 

Adaptive Music Lessons

Many people who are impacted by developmental or neurological differences have a strong interest in music, but have a difficult time finding the right teacher for their lessons. We use our education as music therapists to adapt the teaching approach to each individual’s needs. If visual challenges make reading music difficult, we can trial adaptive music or alternative ways to learn the notes. If physical challenges make the traditional ways of playing a challenge, we can pull from our knowledge about adapting instruments to forge a path for each individual to be successful.

Adaptive Lab

Everyone deserves to have access to music! There are a variety of options for helping people with physical or cognitive challenges to access music. We can help you find the right equipment based on your interests and abilities.


We believe that music makes many things possible. If you are curious about how you could incorporate music into your setting or your life, please send us a message so that you can get your questions answered!