Music Therapy in Schools

Bring Fun & Success Into Your Classroom Through Music

Increasing interaction and a deeper understanding of lessons can be a challenge when you’re working with students who have neurologic and developmental differences. Special educators and music educators on your team may need new tools to address classroom and Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals. With our help, your school can maximize student engagement and success in unique ways while improving outcomes for students through music therapy.


Music Therapy in Schools

Music therapy can help children:

  • Develop their emotional, social, and communication skills
  • Explore and express their thoughts and feelings
  • Improve concentration and confidence
  • Engage with their environment in new ways

Students who are typically difficult to engage may be very responsive to music. They may be more attentive to classroom activities when material is presented in a structured musical format. When students are engaged by something they enjoy, they can demonstrate their capabilities without realizing that they are still doing therapy.

Our Experience

Since launching in 2005, we’ve helped hundreds of children with neurologic and developmental differences to thrive. Our therapists are trusted by schools, special education programs, and community organizations throughout Colorado, and we’re the only practice in the Denver Metro area offering school consults.

Schools and educators that rely on our music therapy services and programming include:

Joshua School
High Plains Elementary School
Rooney Ranch Elementary School

Interested in having RRMT provide music therapy services at your school? Download this PDF guide and bring it to your school administrator!

Feeling the Joy (We Will Handle The Science!)

Helping students make huge progress is what makes our work worthwhile. We bring together the most innovative, evidence-based techniques available, in a way that is motivating and enjoyable. Depending on the needs and goals of your student we can recommend individual or group sessions, or perform consultations to empower your music educators and special educators.

“Having this consultation changed the the way I teach. Having small adaptation ideas handed to me was amazing. I was able to start implementing them right away, which got the ball rolling in my head for other ways to help all my students succeed.” — Kelsey Skiles, Educator at Rooney Ranch Elementary

What Can Music Therapy Do For Your School?

Whether you're looking to serve specific students in reaching their goals, or to support your educators in integrating music into classes, we can help!  We look forward to the chance to come into your school, observe your classes, and make concrete suggestions that help you enhance learning and development for your students.

We’ll Help You Create Options

We strive to make music therapy accessible for all schools and families. Generally, Colorado school districts have chosen not to fund music therapy on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), but guiding you on what other schools we’ve worked with have done to generate funding is part of our process. We can also provide your PTA/PTO or classroom valuable strategies for working with a student without having to pay for ongoing services.