Take Charge of Your Progress

Getting injured on the job has a way of affecting everything and everyone in your life – making it that much more frustrating when other therapies are ineffective in helping you regain your speech or ability to walk.  Many of our clients come to us after trying other therapies and being  told “You’ll never be able to do xyz,” and they count on us for strategies that progress them toward their goals.

Funding Options

We are the only music therapy facility in Denver that takes private insurance and Worker’s Comp cases. Insurance providers include: Pinnacol and Broadspire – we’ll help you explore ways to get reimbursed for our services!


Music Therapy & Worker's Comp

Neurologic music therapy techniques are proven to help people to make progress even after they have stopped seeing results in other therapies. Our Certified Brain Injury Specialists can help you adopt therapy that will stimulate your brain’s function controlling movement, cognition, speech, emotions and the senses.

Connecting rhythm to movement or singing, or the use of music improvisation and structured composition delivers breakthroughs that other therapies can’t – and tailoring your sessions to include music you genuinely enjoy will give you a natural mood lift.

Our Experience

It’s our belief that every person has right to effective treatments, and after witnessing the impact of music therapy on individuals with traumatic brain injuries, our Founder, Sarah Thompson, was successful in advocating for the inclusion of music therapy in the Colorado Medical Treatment Guidelines or all Workers’ Compensation related to traumatic brain injury.

Our staff understands how to navigate the workers compensation system and write reports that case managers like. We are also the only music therapy practice in Colorado that provides music therapy under workers compensation.

You Can Get Back to Work

We’ve helped painters, agricultural workers, movers and many other professionals return to work after incorporating  music therapy into their care plans. With our evidence-based approaches and cutting edge treatments, you’ll have everything you need to make progress (and feel good while doing it).

“Music therapy is fun! I look forward to coming each week, and with consistent practice at home, I have experienced significant improvement in my fine motor skills and my ability to mentally focus.”

— Worker’s Comp Patient

We’re Dedicated To Your Success

There is no “one-size-fits all” approach to music therapy. For our team, driving the best possible clinical outcomes for our clients begins with listening and allowing time for discussion. Get started with our practice by speaking with one of our therapists and exploring treatment options that will work with your personal goals and lifestyle.