We’re Changing What “Best Practices” Means in Music Therapy

At Rehabilitative Rhythms, we’re building a place where individuals with neurologic or developmental differences can use music to change their lives. In fact, we’re the only music therapy practice in Colorado that exclusively focuses on these differences. This specialization and mastery allows us to produce results that our patients haven’t experienced with other activities or therapies.


So Much More Than Entertainment

There is no question that going to a concert, singing a song, or listening to your iPod makes you feel good. But music therapy is the evidence-based use of music interventions to address an individual's specific needs or goals. We help our clients unlock that potential by investing in continual learning and hundreds of hours of research to create the best possible solutions for their needs.

Unmatched Training & Experience

Everyone on the RRMT team has a Master’s level education, and together, we have more than 25 years of experience. Where other practices settle for long-standing methodologies, we’re busy asking new questions and contributing to bodies of evidence trusted by providers nationally and internationally when they make treatment-based decisions.

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Possible with Music - Our Values
Possible With Music - Our Mission

Collaboration & Community

We know that our patients need well-rounded support and believe that sustainable therapeutic change can only occur when we work with other specialists and community organizations – it’s how we ensure our patients are connected with the education, resources, events, and support groups they need.

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Your Success Means Everything To Us

We feel that individuals with neurologic and developmental differences add value to our society, and our therapists strive to make their lives better by using rigorously, scientifically validated music therapy techniques (and we have fun in the process!).