June is Aphasia Awareness Month. Recently, we sat down to record a conversation with Tara who is a stroke survivor. She shared her story of her event and recovery process. Along her journey, she joined the Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale. “The Choir is a safe place,” she said, “We’re all survivors. We’re all working on ourselves. Whether it’s me wanting to strengthen my vocal cords, or the other survivors, helping them navigate their pathway to speaking again.” Tara continued to share about the community the Choir provides. She eventually wrote her own song “Won’t Give Up” to encourage other survivors to be resilient in their individual recovery process. Keep a look out on our social media over the next couple of weeks on how you can hear our conversation with Tara in our new podcast series!

You can hear a cover of the song here:


If you would like to learn more about the Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale, please visit: